LKDF Events

A voice and venue to advance the industrial skills
development debate.



The Forum of the Learning and Knowledge Development Facility (LKDF) convenes annually under a different theme to uncover the most relevant trends related to demand-oriented industrial skills development.

The Forum is an occasion for partners, project teams, training specialists, TVET experts, and interested stakeholders to come together, discuss the importance of skills development, and provide recommendations on ways to assess, develop, and monitor curricula in training activities.

The audience comprises a combination of officials, ranging from Ministers (Foreign Affairs, Industry, Trade, and Commerce, etc.) and high-level dignitaries (such as Heads of United Nations agencies and International Organizations). The LKDF Forum especially gathers representatives from the private sector (companies, associations, and organizations) academia (universities and research institutions) and civil society, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations.

Latest Editions

LIVE with Aya Chebbi: Building Resilience through a Skillful Youth – LKDF Forum 2022

In view of the Forum, the Tunisian diplomat and former African Union Envoy on Youth Aya Chebbi will talk to some of the event's speakers to start setting the scene for the event.

#LKDForum 2022

The world is undergoing rapid and unpredictable changes; when changes are fast, as it has been recently, strengthening workers’ and institutions’ resilience is essential.

#EDD21 – Can the Future of Skills Be Green and Gender-Inclusive?

Women’s ability to participate equally in markets boosts productivity

#LKDForum 2021

Digital Skills for an Inclusive Future

#LKDForum 2020

The world is currently facing an unprecedented crisis that is affecting social and economic systems alike.