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Micro-Learning Nuggets Newsletter No. 2

April 27, 2016, Vienna

Public Private Development Partnerships (PPDPs) include the unique characteristic of having a private sector partner. Which of the following can be a motivation for a company to join an industrial skills development PPDP in a country?

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Yes, all of these can be motivations for a business partner to join a PPDP – and there might be more – can you think of any additional motivations?

Once they join, what can keep them engaged? The business partner can help make decision-making in the PPDP more efficient, and keep the partnership results-oriented, helping to create clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), metrics and effective monitoring and evaluation systems for the PPDPs.

Do you have a few minutes to learn more?


Watch this video of Malin Ripa, Volvo Sr. Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, on why Volvo joined a PPDP. (1:43 mins)


Watch this video of Gustav Sundell, Scania Country Manager for Iraq, on why Scania joined a PPDP. (1:33 mins)

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