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STEP 2: Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This 4 part step-by-step toolkit provides templates that the LKDF team has used to monitor and evaluate its vocational training PPDPs. They have been developed specifically for the LKDF’s purposes and might require adaptation before they can be used in different contexts. Nevertheless, they serve as a good reference point for people aiming to look deeper into M&E of vocational training PPDPs.

KPIs help evaluate project performance as they are used to gauge project outcomes towards project goals. By defining a set of KPIs and measuring it over time, we can identify reasons for success and failure and take corrective actions if needed. If the same KPIs are used in different projects, comparison between projects becomes easier.

However, it should be recognized that different PPDP projects have different aims, thus it would be hard to completely standardize indicators to be measured. A balance between harmonization and comparison between the different projects’ KPIs needs to be found.

The KPI list available for download below gives you an overview of the KPIs that the LKDF uses. However, it should be noted that there is no one-size-fits-all KPI set. Yet, the listed KPIs are good examples of indicators that have proven to be useful in the context of vocational education and training.


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