UNIDO Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Supply Chains

Summary Note: Solutions for step-by-step integration of industrializing countries into sustainable supply chains


In recent years, sustainability has emerged as a critical topic in the discussions on supply chains. While supply chains have become a crucial element of globalization, their development at the global-scale also has led to adverse effects, such as social downgrading and environmental degradation.

With the effects of due diligence laws yet to be fully understood, stakeholders in industrializing countries that are ill equipped to adapt to these in a timely manner and risk being inadvertently affected and face large uncertainty. To foster sustainable practices throughout the supply chain and ensure stakeholders can leverage their benefits while safeguarding vulnerable groups, an enabling environment is essential.

On 7 and 8 June 2023, UNIDO convened an Expert Group Meeting to explore and take stock of on the current status and trends across the various dimensions of sustainable supply chains in the light of the new requirements on due diligence compliance set by a number of countries and regions.

As a conclusion, seven steps towards integration of sustainability dimensions in domestic, regional and global supply chains were formulated.


Find out more about the recommendations and the summary of the meeting in the document below: