#LKDForum 2021 - Outcome Book

We are glad to announce that the Outcome Book of the LKDForum 2021 is now available online.

The LKDF Forum 2021 convened virtually on the 22nd of September, under the theme of Digital Skills for an Inclusive Future, to discuss how fostering digital skills in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will ultimately result in a more inclusive future for all.

As part of the LKDF Forum, UNIDO, in cooperation with the European Training Foundation and WorldSkills International, hosted a virtual hackathon on the 23rd and 24th of September to build on the theme of the LKDF Forum 2020 edition Green Skills for a Sustainable Future and create the best green skills solution.

The Forum was a unique opportunity to provide a platform for action-oriented debates on potential solutions to reduce the job-skill mismatch, bridge the digital skills gap, and foster future collaborations.

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