LKDF Forum 2020 - Outcome Book

We are excited to announce that the first edition of the LKDF Forum Outcome Book is now available online.

The LKDF has been striving since 2012 to anticipate and meet market demands within the framework of industrial skills development. In the wake of COVID-19 and the European Union Green Deal, there is a renovated spirit to act greener and act now. However, how to go green and stay green with a solid (social) return on investment is the real question that we posed at the LKDF Forum 2020.

A series of lively debates aimed to answer the question by informing about the market needs for green and digital skills, the public-private coordination or lack thereof, the policymaking processes of designing green policies, and the level of mismatch between offer and supply.

The Forum also hosted a design thinking workshop where experts gathered to propose solutions to develop demand-oriented green skills curricula and training and measure the related impacts.

Now, you can vote for your favorite green skill solution HERE.

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