KVTC-HEO, Zambia

The project for promoting youth employment through
construction equipment operating skills training


2021 - 2025


Kitwe, Zambia


Construction and Mining


With the shift in Zambian economy towards more capital- and skill-intensive sectors such as mining, construction, transportation and manufacturing, the demand for technical skills for the operation of heavy equipment has increased. However, construction and mining sector employers struggle to find skilled local workers who meet modern machinery operational skills requirements. The situation is compounded by the need to integrate Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies into heavy machinery operations.

To address this skills mismatch, the Government of Zambia, the Government of Japan, Hitachi Construction Machinery, and UNIDO, have joined forces in a Public-Private Development Partnership (PPDP). This four-year project will align industrial skills development to the needs of the industry and the labour market, ultimately promoting productive youth employment and sustainable practices in global supply chains. This will be achieved by jointly establishing a centre of excellence for construction equipment operators at the Kitwe Vocational Training Centre (KVTC).


KVTC Project-Overview

February 14, 2024