Partnering to train and enhance skills to operate automated technologies and mechatronics in Uruguay


2012 - 2016




Automation technology and Mechatronics


The Center of Agro-Industrial Modular of Excellence (CAIME) was established with a grant from the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Minerals (MIEM) in collaboration with Festo, a leading worldwide supplier of automation technology and industrial skills training along with UNIDO which brings in its international expertise to establish and manage such a center. CAIME, a certified center, ensures that it keeps abreast of the latest technology and training developments. It is currently hosted by the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU), the country’s leading innovation and technology transfer institution. The Center aims to promote socio-economic development by improving the productivity and competitiveness of the country’s agri-business sector through transfer of knowledge and development of manufacturing capabilities. This is done through the provision of theoretical and hands-on training to technicians via programs such as automation technology training; production management and personal training; dual education; and consultancy services to meet the needs of Uruguayan agro-industrial enterprises.In line with the priorities of the Government of Uruguay, CAIME plays a pivotal role to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the national agro-industrial sector. In the future, the Centre will be expanded to serve other manufacturing sectors in the country where automation and mechatronics can play an important role.