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Learning and Knowledge Development Facility


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May 28, 2021

There is an enormous workforce that requires education to match the current and future demands of local private sector industries.

By providing the youth with relevant, future oriented competencies needed for the transition to smart manufacturing / Industry 4.0, poverty can be reduced in the long term – and private industries can benefit highly from this future workforce.

With this goal in sight, the public and private sector need to work together in order to create local self-reliant and sustainable working environments.

By answering the following survey, you will help UNIDO improve the support available for the private sector and support the creation of sustainable global labour markets.

The questionnaire takes approximately 9 minutes of your time.

Click here to take the survey.

Finish the survey, fill out your contact information and participate in our lottery. Participants will get:

  • Individual invitation to our session at the European Development Days 2021;
  • Be one of the 10 selected respondents to pitch either the greatest challenge or solution around the topic of digital skills for an inclusive future. Let’s bring your ideas to life!
  • Be one of the 10 selected respondents to participate in our LKDF Forum 2021. Got questions on digital skills? You can ask them to our experts (to be announced) and they will answer live during the event.

Thank you for participating!