Press Release: UNIDO’s LKDF Expert Group Meeting on Skills for Resilience

UNIDO’s LKDF conducted an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) to investigate the importance of resilience in skills development programs.

VIENNA, 15 September – UNIDO’s Learning and Knowledge Development Facility (LKDF) conducted an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) with researchers, private sector representatives, and UNIDO staff to exchange experiences and raise relevant questions to be able to investigate the importance of resilience in skills development programs.

The EGM took place within the framework of the UNIDO LKDF Forum 2022 under the theme “Skills for Resilience: Are We Ready for a Skills Revolution?”, which will happen on 19 and 20 October 2022. By investigating why resilience in skills has become even more significant now and by analyzing resilience in skills at various levels, including the individual, organizational, educational system, and private sector levels, the EGM intended to spark a vibrant discussion among participants and to identify important issues for the LKDF Forum to further explore.

Besides esteemed researchers and experts from the field of resilience and skills development, the hybrid meeting had the participation of UNIDO partners such as the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Festo Didactic, and the European Training Foundation. 

“At UNIDO we have one understanding [about skills for resilience], but it is very important to reflect our views vis-à-vis other participants so we can eventually narrow down the definition and understand which points the LKDF should be working on in the coming years”, said Virpi Stucki, Chief of the Skills Development and Fair Production Unit at UNIDO.

Elfi Klumpp, Head of Partnership Development Global Education at Festo Didactic, a partner of UNIDO, underlined some of the main points of the discussion: “We discussed resilience in the context of the individual, economy and nations, what kind of skills we can develop in the years to come, and what do we have to do differently.”

An outcome document of the meeting will be published in due course.

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