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Micro-Learning Nuggets Newsletter No. 8

October 30, 2016

Vocational training PPDPs provide a number of benefits; which of the statements below are true?

Check all answers that apply and then click submit!

B is FALSE – the costs and risks are assumed and shared by all the partners – United Nations, business partner, donor and vocational training centre.

D is FALSE as knowledge is transferred from the multi-national company to the public vocational training school in the PPDP when the business helps the VTC upgrade its curriculum and training programme to meet market demand for skilled workers.

Do you have a few minute to learn more?

For an overview of benefits, watch our latest explainer Video: Vocational Training: Public Private Development Partnerships (2:58 min)

Still curious?

  • We have a nice set of short videos where LKDF partners describe their benefits from participation in the PPDPs: Watch these five videos (ranging from 0:59 – 2:31 min) on the benefits of working with the private sector on training (UNIDO and VTC view), benefits from the donor perspective and for the business partners. (8:40 min, if you watch them all!)
  • One of the benefits to partners is action based on results-based learning; LKDF systems capture learning and reintroduce it into the PPDP processes. See how we do it on our website page dedicated to this. (5:00 min)
  • Scan this NCVER publication on “Costs and benefits of education and training for the economy, business and individuals” to learn about the benefits of investing in vocational education and training (case studies from Australia) (20:00 min)