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Micro-Learning Nuggets Newsletter No. 7

September 30, 2016

How can social media be used by the Vocational Training Centres (VTC) participating in LKDF?

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The VTCs have already started to work with social media in all the countries – for example, in July Zamita had it’s first social media training for the dedicated #Zamita and #NORTEC social media staff at Nortec Zambia! There are FaceBook and twitter pages for the VTCs in Ethiopia, Iraq, Morocco and Zambia.

The VTCs don’t accept digital currency payments, yet!

Bonus Question:

What Twitter handle does LKDF use? @PPDPswork, @LKDFacility, @VTCsrock

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Click here for a quick browse of the FaceBook pages for Ethiopia: HDECOVA Stories; Morocco: Agevec Community; and Zambia: Zamita Community – see what we have been up to recently in the VTCs. We have a new simulator in Zamita, meet AGEVEC Morocco’s new trainees and trainers and see how they are currently recruiting using FaceBook, and more! (5:00 min)

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