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Micro-Learning Nuggets Newsletter No. 5

July 29, 2016, Vienna

True or False? The Vocational Training programme for students in the PPDPs should be primarily theory with a small percentage of practical work?

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The Public Private Development Partnerships (PPDPs) aim to prepare students for the workplace, and companies want graduates to have good practical skills so they are operational immediately in their new jobs in the plants and companies that hire them.

This is an interesting system. In most countries with PPDPs the salaries for teachers and trainers in the VTCs are low, and technical people who could be trainers can earn more working in the private sector. Many teachers may therefore satisfy government requirements for vocational training in terms of theory, but do not have the technical background and therefore do not build that aspect into their courses. Identification of good technical training staff and staff retention is one of the key challenges for the PPDP Vocational Training Centres.

Do you have a few minutes to learn more?

Browse our new Basic Level Mechanics curriculum modules. LKDF has created this curriculum in collaboration with the private sector to ensure it’s good and focused on the needs of industry! (10:00 min)

Still curious?

  • For a view of innovation in the VTC curriculum watch this video from the Ethiopia PPDP. (1:57 min)
  • Watch this video to learn how augmented reality can help with practical vocational training in Africa. (2:28 min)
  • Download and explore LKDF Interact (Diesel Engine Operation) and SADC Interact (Chainsaw Operation) augmented reality training applications. (10:00 min)