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Leather Panel joins the LKDF as a Knowledge Member

December 16, 2016, Casablanca, Morocco

The Project Steering Committee of the Learning and Knowledge Development Facility (LKDF) approved the Leather Panel as a knowledge member of the Facility during the 4th Annual Partners Learning Workshop in Morocco.

The Leather Panel is a global forum for technical assistance programmes dealing with the leather-based industry sector. It provides information on good practices in small-scale manufacturing as well as professional training and pollution control procedures in the leather, footwear and leather products industries.

“The Leather Panel materials are very useful and can be easily followed by the World Leather Industry. We are using the online portal as a reference in the Asian International Union of Environment (AIUE) Commission documents for further dissemination among our members and leather producing countries,” said Dr S Rajamani, chairman of the AIUE Commission.

As a Knowledge Member, the Leather Panel will contribute by sharing its experience related to the leather sector with the LKDF, including e-learning courses in First Aid and Hydrogen Sulphide.

“The Leather Panel is an extensive online collection of manuals, reports, e-learning courses and publications that represent more than 40 years of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s involvement in the leather value chain. We look forward to mutually exchange knowledge and to broaden the reach of the Leather Panel and the LKDF in the leather sector,” said Ivan Kral, Project Manger at UNIDO.

The LKDF captures experienced based learning from Public Private Development Partnerships from four sectors: automation technology; Forestry; oil and gas; and heavy duty equipment and related sectors. The membership of the Leather Panel also extends the reach of the LKDF to a new sector that covers diverse products and industrial processes.

The LKDF is managed by UNIDO and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). It brings together companies, vocational training centres, development agencies and donors to facilitate knowledge sharing on innovative public-private development partnership approaches in industrial skills development. You can find more information about LKDF membership here.

For further information, please contact:

Virpi Stucki
UNIDO Industrial Development Officer

Ivan Kral
UNIDO Industrial Development Officer