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Innovation Corner: Interest in Scaling-Up H2O Maghreb’s Best Practices Across Morocco

June 15, 2020

Since learning about its innovative approaches and accelerated six-month program, other Moroccan training institutions, including the Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT), have taken great interest in exploring ways to further integrate H2O Maghreb’s various training methods more broadly into national training programs.  “The H2O Maghreb project is one of the most innovative and original projects ever implemented at ONEE. The project is an important flagship project that has opened up the possibility for greater innovation and modernization of the internal training system at ONEE,” states Abderrafi Mardi, Coordinator at the International Institute of Water and Sanitation (IEA) at ONEE. The International Institute of Water and Sanitation (IEA) in Rabat where H2O Maghreb is based, is proud to be one of the first institutes in Morocco to use virtual reality in its training programs. The virtual reality technology, developed by project partners Festo Didactic and EON Reality, is one of the unique pillars of the H2O Maghreb training program. Furthermore, IEA’s equipment is among the most cutting edge for practical water training, thanks to the integration of the EDS® Water Management system developed by Festo Didactic.