LKD Facility

Learning and Knowledge Development Facility

JHEOS, Liberia

Promoting youth employment by supporting technical and vocational education in Liberia


The project ‘Promoting youth employment by supporting technical and vocational education in Liberia’ aims to support the development of human capital via quality technical and vocational training necessary to support economic growth in the mining, agriculture, agro-forestry and construction sectors. In particular, the project will train workers for the heavy equipment sector, which is necessary to support the reconstruction efforts in the country after the Ebola crisis. At the same time, it will create opportunities for young people. This will be achieved by strengthening and building on the existing institutional capacity of Liberia’s vocational training system to deliver up-to-date training courses relevant to the requirements of enterprises operating in the country.

To achieve the intended objectives of the project, UNIDO is further strengthening the heavy equipment training infrastructure of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) that was established with the support of the Government of Japan  in partnership with Komatsu Ltd since 2013. The selected training institution will serve as a center of excellence where the core activities will be concentrated and delivered. The implementation arrangements are designed to ensure institutional capacity is strengthened, modern training courses are delivered, private sector linkages are established and the overall efforts are sustainable.