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Learning and Knowledge Development Facility

H2O Maghreb

A Public-Private Development Partnership combining hands-on experience and cutting-edge technology to equip the next generation of Moroccan water technicians with the skills necessary for ensuring a sustainable future of this critical natural resource


Morocco suffers from scarce water resources and increasing water demand. Like its neighbouring countries in the region, Morocco is faced with the challenge of sustainably developing and managing its water resources. With its growing population, rapid urbanization, and developing economy – including growth in the productive and extractive industries and the agricultural sector, all heavy water users – mitigating Morocco’s water scarcity is a national priority.

In order to tackle the key problem of unsustainable water management practices in Morocco, this pilot project will address the root causes of the problem: lack of knowledge of the current and future skills gaps and employment opportunities, lack of industry professionals with skills in the latest water management technologies, and lack of dissemination of best practices.

The goal of the project is to improve industrial and municipal water management practices in Morocco in an inclusive and sustainable way.

To achieve the intended objectives, this project aims at using and promoting innovative techniques, through the implementation of a new training program dedicated to water management and sanitation. The newly developed H2O Maghreb curriculum takes a holistic approach with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience using the most recent technological innovations, such as adaptive virtual reality and automation technology. This practice-oriented training aims to support the combination of different subjects and system-oriented thinking in the operation and maintenance of modern water facilities and their components. Overall, the project will therefore aim at improving water management practices through the transfer of expertise and modern technologies to young women and men from Morocco, along with existing water professionals, in order to increase the employability of the former while improving the technical skills of the latter.

Furthermore, this project serves to demonstrate concepts and facilitate the replication of H2O Maghreb activities to other countries in the region, and thereby contribute to solving water management challenges at a regional level.

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