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Future Industrial Skills

Future Industrial Skills

For a short introduction to Industry 4.0 and the future of industrial skills, watch this video.

The industry is going through a significant transformation. As companies globally become “smarter” through increasing digitization of manufacturing and powerful use of data, the demand for skilled workers who can operate effectively in this hyper-connected environment will only grow. The question today is: What skills does the labour market need in these countries?

UNIDO’s LKDF has worked with its partner companies to identify 6 future industrial skills, and to curate a collection of learning materials created by these companies, and others, in these areas. The goal of this platform is to introduce the skills that are making the smart factory a reality today and to help grow the smart workforce that is the reality of tomorrow.












Each of the 6 topics above will take you to an introductory learning experience produced by one of the partner companies, or other private sector providers. These have different formats, delivery mechanisms, and styles, that reflect the diversity of approaches to learning adopted by the companies themselves.