LKD Facility

Learning and Knowledge Development Facility

LKDF Annual Meeting 2018

UNIDO’s LKDF is a platform that promotes industrial skills development among young people in emerging economies. Working with the private sector through Public-Private Development Partnerships (PPDPs), the LKDF supports the establishment and upgrading of local industrial training academies to help meet the labor market’s increasing demand for skilled employees, ultimately contributing to inclusive and sustainable industrial development. The long-term success of local industrial academies that partner with the LKDF is ensured through constant monitoring of economic, environmental and social impact. UNIDO manages the facility on behalf of its partners. The LKDF is currently comprised of ten PPDP projects with a focus on industrial skills development.

UNIDO’s LKDF holds annual meetings for the representatives of the ongoing and pipeline PPDP projects including donors, business sector partners, vocational training centre personnel and UNIDO project personnel. Additionally, observers are invited on a case-by-case basis. The 2018 meeting took place from 5-6 December in Scharnhausen, Germany, with the objectives i) to reflect jointly and systematically on lessons-learnt so far on PPDPs and ii) to introduce new, emerging topics that will likely influence the future of skills.

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