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Scania: How Can We Be a Force for Good?

The case study provides the reader with insights into the LKDF project in Iraq and another project which Scania is involved in in Colombia.

Providing heavy trucks that contribute to distribution of goods, construction and mining, as well as buses that transport growing and increasingly urbanised populations, Scania’s growth is tied to emerging economies. With significant first-mover advantages in these markets, Scania is present in conflict and post-conflict countries such as Colombia and Iraq. Both to develop its own business and to make its contribution to a more stable operating environment in fragile societies, Scania needed to explore its role as a force for good in peacebuilding environments. The answer required the company to take a hard look at its own competencies, and to explore partnerships that allow Scania and development and peacebuilding actors to achieve more than any could accomplish on their own.


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