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The Voice of TUMIQUI for #LKDF4Industry

“11 years ago, I created an IT service company in France and I had the opportunity to visit West Africa being involved in infrastructure improvement projects. I was shocked to learn that 600 million people lived without electricity in Africa. Japanese IT engineer with 20 years of experience in the French-speaking countries, I decided to contribute to the growth of Africa with the support of the Japanese government, while establishing a new company in Japan. This project TUMIQUI is not limited to the simple export of equipment but aims to create workshops to assemble and maintain Made in Africa products in collaboration with local people. This should create jobs, transfer technology, and lead to the economic development of the regions. We will first bring electricity to the Poste de Sante in the Health sector, especially to put an end to deliveries in the dark, and then, gradually, we will develop Internet effort to get the maximum number of TUMIQUI units to hospitals, schools and agricultural fields as quickly as possible.” Koichi STATO, CEO

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Jul 10, 2020