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The Voice of Filmar for #LKDF4Industry

Filmar produces and sells cotton yarns made of superior quality with a uniquely Italian feel.

Since 1958 Filmar has been passionately seeking out the best ways to finish this ancient material, selected in its most valuable variety: 100% Egyptian cotton. Since it first started manufacturing, the company has chosen the philosophy of pursuing excellence in every aspect of work, from raw materials to end-user service. The quality of the 100% Egyptian cotton is pursued right from its origins, in the farms and cotton cultivation acquired by the company directly in Egypt. Continuous and substantial investments have led to the creation of new production areas in Italy and Egypt – with a total of 46,000 square meters. Cutting edge machinery ensures an annual production of 7 million kilos of dyed yarn.

A well-equipped laboratory performs tests and prepares samples. The constant quest for a better product has led to increasingly innovative solutions and mixes, extraordinary techniques of dyeing and finishing, and new functional and aesthetic performance of the yarn. The collections are updated seasonally and chromatic nuances keep pace with evolving tastes. Processes and products are certified, managed, and implemented to protect the environment, as well as the health and safety of both employees and consumers. Filmar always abides by transparency, flexibility, and speed to ensure an effective service, which is attentive to individual customer needs. With the experience gained in over 50 years, Filmar is now an established market leader both in and outside Italy and is continually penetrating further into global markets.

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Jun 4, 2020