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WorldSkills and HP Foundation launch BeChangeMaker 2020

March 2, 2020

LKDF’s partners WorldSkills and HP Foundation come together once again to create a generation of entrepreneurial change makers

BeChangeMaker is an online training programme that combines social entrepreneurship and the power of skills to inspire action on global challenges. And it’s back again in 2020.

We know that young people will drive the solutions to the economic and societal challenges of our world. That’s why WorldSkills and the HP Foundation launched the first BeChangeMaker in 2017.

A virtual social entrepreneurial training programme, it offered youth everywhere the chance to become a global citizen and a societal change maker. Since then, over 150 young entrepreneurs have participated in BeChangeMaker online courses and its mentorship programme.

BeChangeMaker provides access to high quality learning content on HP LIFE, tools, and technology for startup acceleration, dedicated coaching, mentoring and customized support, as well as the opportunity to draw from a diverse global network of potential supporters and investors.

How would you like to turn your big idea into reality, with free training and help from experts, plus the chance of cash support?

Apply by 15 May and become a BeChangeMaker!

Become a global citizen. Become a changemaker. With your skills and our support, those business dreams can come true.

  • Business plan training through HPLIFE
  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Connections to global networks
  • Turn your skills into actions and impact
  • Chance to live pitch your idea to a panel of experts at the WorldSkills Conference 2019 in Russia

Key timelines

Application closed: 15 May

Programme kick-off: 8 June

Live pitch finale in Dublin, Ireland: 5-8 October