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The Sweet Taste of Success – And how to measure it through a monitoring and evaluation tool

November 29, 2018

What does this recipe make?

This recipe helps prepare an appropriate set-up for a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool for a smoother measurement of your Public Private Development Partnership (PPDP)’s success.

This Recipe has been used by the Learning and Knowledge Development Facility (LKDF) in its Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) to provide quantifiable insights into the effectiveness of all participating PPDPs.

When cooked thoroughly, the Recipe provides “real time” information to indicate progress and verify the impact of individual PPDP projects vis-à-vis internal and external stakeholders. It also produces satisfyingly comparable results across different projects, which can either inform the development of lessons learnt for knowledge products and/or the opportunity to take corrective measures at the VTC level.

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Ready to cook? Here are all the steps in the correct order for the successful preparation of this recipe:

  1. Clarify Key Performance Indicators together with all stakeholders
  2. Define baseline and end line questionnaires together with all stakeholders
  3. Select and procure the right key ingredient – an M&E tool
  4. Select and train a Head Chef (M&E Coordinator)
  5. Select and train a group of Sous-Chefs (M&E Champions) in the PPDPs – the training should get them set-up and motivated to cook together a consistently delicious result
  6. Conduct monthly feedback sessions
  7. Fold the M&E Champions into a Community of Practice to exchange ideas, challenges and solutions

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  • For more information on M&E, check out goProve and the latest update on results we have so far