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Successfully promote your training among youth through social media

June 22, 2018

What does this recipe make?

It’s always great to throw a dinner party – but it’s even better if you have guests who show up. Recent trends in Internet access and usage among youth worldwide mean that in order to maximize success, any youth-oriented outreach strategy needs to have an online component. A few social media exist out there that are very popular among youth: learn how to make the best out of them!

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The right ingredients for a successful social media promotion include:

  • One (1) x Training programme with young people enrolled in it
  • One (1) x Social media platform of your choice
  • Something to take pictures with (a camera, a mobile phone) Optional: a software to edit pictures, and one to create infographics
  • Internet connectivity
  • 1 tbsp. creativity and a pinch of time

Top Chefs recommend: Don’t turn your page into an institutional platform! Try avoiding words like “partnerships”, “meetings”, “project progress”, etc. Look around and check several social media pages that you like and see how they do it. Also, make sure to be up-to-date with what’s trending on social media these days.

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