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STEM education integrates the four disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and helps learners acquire the basic principles through interdisciplinary and applied learning. STEM education is hands on and creative – instead of looking at these four disciplines in isolation, they are studied as they are, intertwined, in real world applications.

Why is this a future industrial skill? Because of the way it is taught, STEM education promotes systems and critical thinking in students, increases science and math literacy and helps them be innovative problem solvers and team players. In addition to the basic principles of STEM, these “softer” skills are what companies seeking innovative solutions need for their workforce of today and tomorrow.

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STEM Portfolio Overview

Company: Festo Didactic
Estimated time investment: From short 1-hour activities to longer courses (TBC).
Learner level: Introductory

These materials offer a first introduction to the topic of STEM learning, with an insight into what it is and what it can mean for learners and companies. This landing page introduces a series of longer and more comprehensive skills-based learning modules offered by Festo Didactic. These courses are thematically divided into three content groups: Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Environmental discovery. Learners interested to know more about STEM after this introduction, can visit the Festo Didactic website for further information on fee-based learning.