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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the vast interconnected network we have today of literally billions of “things”. This includes both connected devices that talk to each other, but also devices that talk to people, and of course people talk to people through their own internet-connected devices. Imagine the information highway that this web of connections of things creates, all with on and off switches (except the people!) Not only can you talk to your watch to turn on your coffee machine, but your factory equipment can tell when you are running low on parts and automatically re-order more, and on and on.

Why is this a future industrial skill? As more and more devices are connected to the internet globally, from cellphones to jet engines, the opportunities to connect smart devices can help us improve efficiency, reduce waste, monitor materials use and more – offering endless opportunities to manufacturers when the devices and people in their factories and offices are connected through the Internet of Things.

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Introduction to the Internet of Things

Company: Airbus Foundation
Estimated time investment: 15 minutes for video content
Learner level: Introductory

This mini-series on specific technologies will explore the Internet of Things and Big Data through the lens of aerospace and mobility. It features 2 short animated videos that provide learners with an accessible introduction to these topics. Additional learning materials will be made available for further hands-on exploration of this topic through activities that can be undertaken by learners of any age.

Under construction, check back soon!