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Autonomous Machines & Systems

Autonomous Machines & Systems

Autonomous machines and systems are those that can learn, adapt and act independently of human control. Autonomous self-driving cars are the first thing people think about in this domain, but many sectors are exploring applications which don’t require the continual input of local operators at all, from smart energy grids to implantable blood glucose monitors.

Why is this a future industrial skill? As an already highly specialized industry explores ways to answer increasing productivity requirements, new concepts and technologies such as autonomous machines and systems are among the answers that help manufacturers work around the clock, help ensure reliability and predictability – while in many cases making improvements in the health and safety of workers.

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Introduction to Autonomous Machines and Systems

Company: Festo Didactic
Estimated time investment: 30 minutes
Learner level: Introductory

These materials offer a first introduction to the topic of autonomous machines and systems, with an overview of what it is and what it can mean for vocational learners and companies. This mini-course is the first part of a longer and more comprehensive skills-based learning module offered by Festo Didactic. Learners interested to know more about autonomous machines and systems after this introduction, can visit the Festo Didactic website for further information on fee-based learning.

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