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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing uses digital processes to build objects to specification by adding material layer by layer until the 3D object is created.

Why is this a future industrial skill? This computer-aided method brings opportunities to manufacturers including greater flexibility, faster testing, and the creation of higher quality components for the businesses who employ it.

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Introduction to 3D Printing Online Course

Company: HP
Estimated time investment: 4 hours
Learner level: Introductory

Take this self-paced online course made available by HP, and delivered on the HP Life platform. This interactive course includes text, video and audio content, in addition to activities and a set of downloadable resources. Topics cover: Use, contrast to traditional manufacturing, product examples, benefits for entrepreneurs, accessibility of printers and marketplace, processes and technologies, materials. It features 3 short case studies and is not industry specific.

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3D Printing Topical Fact Sheets

Company: Volvo
Estimated time investment: 1 hour
Learner level: Introductory to intermediate

These short topical fact sheets are made available by Volvo and delivered on their E-DIG platform. These learning resources include text and mixed audio-visual media to introduce topics such as:

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