LKD Facility

Learning and Knowledge Development Facility

Learning and Knowledge Development

Results-based Learning and Knowledge Development

Through results-based learning and knowledge development the LKD Facility:

  1. Reports on the successes and challenges of the action-oriented PPDP programmes, sharing lessons learned and knowledge generated;
  2. Provides real time insights into the effectiveness of interventions and take informed decisions on corrective measures based on a short-term monitoring mechanism to continuously improve performance;
  3. Evaluates the immediate impact of PPDPs in terms of sustainability and scale that will contribute to reducing overall youth unemployment in targeted regions; and
  4. Provides the policy makers and the donor community with credible and transparent results to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of the skills-based PPDP programmes and justify their expansion to other countries or sectors.

The two key closely interlinked aspects of the LKDF include the M&E system and the learning and development system. M&E is needed in order to collect data, based on which learning and development can take place.

M&E mostly occurs at a project level, and the information is used to either improve the project as it is ongoing (monitoring) or to improve subsequent iterations of the project, or feed into improved project design for future projects (evaluation). One of the major challenges faced by M&E practitioners is trying to ensure that the lessons that come out of projects, and the suggested improvements, are actually fully absorbed and implemented.

The LKD Facility will itself fulfill these functions, by providing a platform and a method for projects to share lessons learned between different projects that are in progress. The resulting M&E is complicated by the nature of the LKDF. That is, the function of M&E must occur at two levels: the project level and the LKDF level. A key feature of the M&E system is the feedback loop between the LKDF and the participating PPDP projects. A key success factor of the M&E system is the flow of information between the two levels. The project level entails a real time monitoring database, twice-yearly monitoring reports, mid-term evaluations and ROI. The LKDF level shows project and country baseline reports, twice-yearly monitoring reports, field visit reports and mid-term and final evaluations.