LKD Facility

Learning and Knowledge Development Facility

Project Development

Project Development

The project development component serves for the preparation of new projects to expand the skills development PPDP programme to include other companies and countries. These new projects will be identified in consultation with potential partner companies based on criteria including:

  • Interest of the institution and country demonstrated by direct requests for the facility;
  • Market demand of industrial skills;
  • Capacity of host and partner institutions;
  • Risks, including corruption issues;
  • Potential impact of the project within the country.

Criteria are standardized and applied consistently to allow for an accurate representation and comparison in selecting projects for development.

Activities under this component of the project include assessment of new candidates, collecting lessons learned in PPDPs/PPDP development and providing information on potential donors, among others.

The added value that the LKD Facility brings to the participating PPDP projects on project development includes:

  1. A proven, documented framework for PPDP VTC projects with the participation of multinational companies in training delivery within national VTCs;
  2. Access to tools and backing information for assessing business case for new projects; and
  3. Links to experts, potential other partners and potential donor agencies.