LKD Facility

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Management Training

Management Training

The purpose of the management training is to ensure the sustainability of the participating PPDP projects’ interventions. Management training suits the LKD Facility well since it can build on and benefit from lessons learned and best practices from the participating companies, Vocational Training Centers (VTCs), UNIDO, and other relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, management training is not necessarily included in the individual PPDP projects joining the facility. A management training component is included in the LKDF to support learning and development of two groups of professionals, namely VTC Managers from the various projects and decision-makers within the vocational training system to the host institutions/countries such as civil servants of the Ministries of Labour.

The management training scheme will have several inter-related components. A management training handbook will be created to provide background and rationale for the LKD Facility and its objectives. It will also outline the key elements of the management training component and will include a generic competence framework, which will allow the management trainees to identify their skills gaps in the field of VTC management. The second step of the management training includes coaching and development of a personal learning plan. Coaching can be done by using voluntary networks or by using the support from the participating companies. The final step of the training involves attending the actual training courses.

In addition to that, the LKDF will support management training by providing travel costs for managers to visit Scania and Volvo training centers in Europe. Both companies have committed to organize such management training tours and cover the local costs.

The added value that the LKD Facility brings to the participating PPDP projects on management training includes:

  • Improved effectiveness and leverage by being able to tap into experiences from other projects, countries and companies, and
  • Support on sustainability for the host institutions and countries.